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No more questions re the bypass!

Bypass Posted on Sat, March 30, 2013 15:03:49

So, the incompetents, who tried bring us a £1 billion PFI bypass, overlooked £4.7 million at SK Solutions, have given us NPS Stockport which currently is £1.5 million in the red with little chance of recovery, who gave us the mess at Offerton Precinct and at Blackstone, don’t want anyone looking over their shoulders regards a project worth hundreds of millions of pounds. Is it any wonder they don’t welcome scrutiny given their past track record?

“The information you have requested cannot be located and retrieved within the appropriate limit of 18 hours (£450) set by the Fee’s Regulation under Section 12 of the FOI Act……..”

GVA Grimley Fiendish help wreck the High Streets then moan about the state of them.

GVAGrimley Posted on Sat, March 30, 2013 14:35:16

Chris Goddard, a senior director at real estate firm GVA, said the Budget proposal is a “practical response to the massive oversupply of secondary retail stock”. He added: “There’s a huge amount of obsolete stock in the wrong location.”

quote from:

Any wonder there’s “obsolete stock”?

What a cheek – they created it by recommending out of town retail parks!

Sue Derbyshire – what is she on?

Sue Derbyshire Posted on Sat, March 30, 2013 08:18:48

… “But council leader Sue Derbyshire was upbeat. “It came as no surprise to me whatsoever to see that Stockport had been rated as the second happiest place in Britain to live.”Stockport has a thriving business community…”

Not so hot in Offerton though, which has suffered from having all LibDem councillors in the past who didn’t stand up for it –

Or North Reddish, which has been cheated of its much-valued playing fields by Sue Derbyshire –

Police Commissioner – not interested

Town Hall Protester Posted on Sat, March 30, 2013 08:05:07

As you can see from the above, the Greater Manchester Police Commissioner couldn’t really care less that thousands of police man hours have been wasted in persecuting an innocent man, nor is he interested that an innocent man should be punished for a crime of which he was acquitted. It would seem that he is quite happy for this state of affairs to continue.