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Make Sure You Are Sitting Down!

Town Hall Protester Posted on Mon, April 08, 2013 21:46

Mr Parnell’s MP, Andrew Stunell, has written him a letter! On 6th of April. If at any time in the next 5 – 10 years that translates into any form of action to deal with this LibDem human rights atrocity, I shall let you all know.

Andrew Stunell MP, man in action.

Legionnaires’ Risk Assessment

Barry Khan Posted on Mon, April 08, 2013 17:22

Dear Mr Khan

Please provide me with a copy of the subject title for the Vale View School and Fred Perry House

With thanks

Alan M Dransfield

email sent 6/4/13

Question to the Elusive Mr Khan

Barry Khan Posted on Mon, April 08, 2013 17:07

Dear Mr Khan

Would you please provide me with a copy of the maintenance contract between SMBC and designated maintenance contractor for the subject title (Vale View School and Fred Perry House). Unfortunately, I am unable to provide the name of the maintenance contractor.

1.Vale View School

2.Fred Perry HQ

I fully appreciate there might be some sensitive/confidential data included, and I am happy to receive redacted copies.

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield


Still waiting for your confirmation ref the external changing rooms at the Vale View School.

Tendering Process Avoided

GVAGrimley Posted on Mon, April 08, 2013 17:02

The SMBC Forward Plan

Key Decisions Posted on Mon, April 08, 2013 16:53

Key decisions from Jan 2013 to April 2013

The Cheek of Nick Clegg

Waste of money Posted on Mon, April 08, 2013 16:47

What about the waste of money in LibDem-run-for-a-decade Stockport Council? £8,000 spent on a day at the races by Children’s Services under the dastardly Andrew Webb:-

Money wasted on 5 star hotes, even in hop and a skip away Salford:-

Top of the range BMWs, Audi TTs and Mini Cooper Cabriolets, one third of which are given to council officers who don’t need a car to do their job:-

£31,000 pa spent on committee teas provided to councillors for meetings which often last only 10 minutes. Buy a sandwich or eat before you leave home.