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Lord Goddard and more “prudential borrowing” of £18.5 million

Grand Central Posted on Tue, September 24, 2013 03:02

Yep, they want to borrow more of our money on the Never, Never to throw at Grand Central – yet another £18.5million.

Their Masterplan (another one)

And here are the reasons the details must again be kept secret from the council taxpayer. And this from LibDem Executive Councillors who have been involved with offences under the Fraud Act 2006 over the toxic waste dump school.

Lord Goddard and LibDem councillors paid £10m to buy Grand Central off one of the richest people in the World.

Grand Central Posted on Tue, September 24, 2013 02:59

With these incompetents in charge, we need openness and transparency. Some hope of that!

Lord Goddard and more LibDem secrecy in planning

Grand Central Posted on Tue, September 24, 2013 02:57

We are not allowed to know what is going on, as ususal, whilst the LibDem Executive Councillors make an expensive hash of running our town.

And the £300m plus road-for-LibDem-votes charges ahead

Bypass Posted on Tue, September 24, 2013 02:55

Roberts has not considered the effect Airport City will have on jobs and businesses in Stockport

Key Decisions Posted on Tue, September 24, 2013 02:52

I know this from having asked a FOIA question.

Jobs and businesses could well haemorrhage from Stockport as a result of Airport City.

What do we pay him for then?

Goddard, Weldon, Khan, Scullion et al – covering up fraud

Vale View School Posted on Tue, September 24, 2013 02:40

Email sent – 02 September 2009 07:58

Dear Mr Majothi

Last night Goddard said I should have reported the financial irregularities and they couldn’t answer them if they didn’t know what they were.

I asked a council question in February 2008 and he promised me a reply over the financial anomalies. When I had not received a reply by July I wrote to Scullion. When by November I had heard nothing I sent a registered post reminder to Khan. When I got no acknowledgement from him I again asked Goddard in the full Council meeting and he promised me a response. When I had heard nothing by February 2009 I again asked Goddard in a full council meeting and he told me I would never be given an answer. I have sent hundreds possibly of reminders, which no doubt has led to my being branded now Vexatious With Knobs On. Your comments please before I take this to the Standards Board regarding Goddard and Weldon.

Also, please send me the advice the Council claims to have received from the LGO regarding vexatious council taxpayers. I am asking this under the FOIA.


Mrs S J Oliver

Stockport’s Freedom of Information Campaigner