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Do a goodish report to get through planning, then jettison it for something easier

Aquinas College Posted on Mon, October 07, 2013 20:46

Email sent – 25 September 2008 18:19

Dear Ms Chase

I think you might be wrong here – I think they do have to show SMBC the certificates. I shall check my facts and get back to you.

I would be obliged if you confirm that I have the following facts correct:-

Aquinas commissioned a contamination survey from Faber Maunsell paid for by the taxpayer. It was inadequate but never mind.

Once the application was through planning stage they then employed Greater Manchester Geological Unit (owned by Stockport Council) to commission another survey (paid for by the taxpayer) which demanded less stringent contamination remediation measures. Just trying to check the facts.

I shall cc this to the local press again.

Kind regards


Reply from Jane Chase, Planning Officer

Aquinas College Posted on Mon, October 07, 2013 20:44

September 25, 2008 1:41 PM

Dear Ms Oliver

In response to your e-mail dated 25th September, I can advise that the College are not under any obligation to provide the Planning Authority with contamination disposal certificates. I suggest that you contact either the Environment Agency or Urban Vision to ascertain if such certificates are required by them. As I stated in my earlier e-mail, conditions on the planning permission require the submission of a Validation Report to confirm that the remediation required has been carried out. This report will be submitted to this Planning Authority in due course.


Jane Chase
Planning Officer

Again, was the contamination dealt with correctly?

Aquinas College Posted on Mon, October 07, 2013 20:41

25 September 2008 18:13

Dear Ms Chase

I shall cc this to the local press for their information.

As you may know the Environment Agency is only concerned with contamination of groundwater and not children. I shall, however, contact the great lads at the EA and find out what is going on.

Local people tell me that the contamination is being removed off site on lorries which return within a very short space of time – maybe 15 minutes. I would like to know under the EIR 2004 where these contaminents are being dumped. If it is Adswood Tip, is that a licenced contamination facility? If you can’t answer these questions, please pass this email on to someone who can.

Finally, if you find this email in any way offensive, please pass a copy to Barry Khan, Council Solicitor, who is keeping a secret dossier on me.

With warmest best wishes


Was the contamination correctly dealt with?

Aquinas College Posted on Mon, October 07, 2013 20:39

Email to the Enforcement Officer, SMBC in whom I have no reason to have much confidence

24 September 2008 20:2

Dear Sir or Madam

Are the planning conditions regarding Aquinas college with regards to contamination being complied with?

I look forward to hearing from you and will cc this to the local press for their information.

Kind regards


Further email to the Learning Skills Council

Aquinas College Posted on Mon, October 07, 2013 20:37

I am panicking about the £42 million, but they are not!

24 September 2008 20:23

Dear Sir

Is someone at the LSC keeping an eye on the Aquinas College new build at Stockport, which has been given 94.4% funding – highly above normal limits? There are some worrying developments. I am hoping taxpayers’ money of £42 million isn’t simply handed over for these projects without any further checks being kept?

There are some worrying things going on.

I shall cc this email to our local press for their information.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards


Reply from the then Head of Planning

Aquinas College Posted on Mon, October 07, 2013 20:33

September 15, 2008 9:06 AM

Hi Sheila

In the light of your later message, I will put this on hold. For information, the planning permission does not require the change of land ownership, but requires the sports facilities to be provided not later than 6 months after occupation of the development.

Let me know when the book is published. I might ask you to sign a copy for me…..

(For information, dear readers, the community sports facilities weren’t provided).

Email from me to the then Head of Planning SMBC

Aquinas College Posted on Mon, October 07, 2013 20:30

Email sent – 14 September 2008 10:00

Dear Mr Lamb

Hope you are keeping well.

I know I am breaking the terms of my restraining order in contacting you, but as I pointed out to the Guardian last week (they are putting a little something from me into a book), planning issues have to be open, and SMBC can’t actually make me go through the FOI Officer with the resulting delays.

I would like to know whose responsibility is it to check that Aquinas College has actually purchased the land they need from the Sunday School, which Sport England has insisted is needed for replacement sports facilities? Local people have approached me because they want to make sure this has happened before the building starts. Otherwise, we might have another planning embarrassment in Stockport with the new college having to be demolished. The last time local people asked the land had not yet been purchased.

I have asked to see the college documents under the FOI (I can legally see the documents put before the governors), but there seems to be a slight delay and building work is progressing.

I have taken in two foster dogs (dead ringers for Hinge and Bracket, if you know who they are, spinsters – no interest in men) and, I am sure you will be delighted to learn that time which should be spent council-fighting is now spent walking them and on my knees cleaning the beige carpets.

Kind regards


Haven’t told the governors about the contamination

Aquinas College Posted on Mon, October 07, 2013 20:27

Email sent by me to local resident – 25 September 2008 21:11


Report of FOI visit to Aquinas 23/9/08.

1) I will forward after this an email I have sent to the reporter at the Stockport Express.

2) As of the end of June The Sunday School hadn’t sold the land but were going to enter into some kind of legal agreement to allow the building to commence. The Sunday School is concerned that the land won’t be sold on for profit at a later date and wants a covenant inserted, they want to make sure they get their planning permission through and they are concerned about their tax position.

There is Japanese Knotwood on the Sunday School site which should have been removed before building commences.

Again, the college is very worried about their financial position this year.

Kind regards


No mention to the governors of contamination but maybe they didn’t have the results through, or am I just being charitable?

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