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Health and Safety Executive

Snoozing watch pussycats Posted on Sat, October 12, 2013 19:30

The Chief Executive of the Health and Safety Executive was given evidence re the toxic waste dump school at North Reddish.

She couldn’t be bothered.

Who exactly made these decisions?

Bewilderwood Posted on Sat, October 12, 2013 19:21

12 October 2013 19:19

Dear Cheshire East Council

FoI request

Please may I have the names of senior council officers and any councillors who have had any input into the Bewilderwood project. Many thanks



Bewilderwood Posted on Sat, October 12, 2013 19:14

Here we enter the fantasy world of hide and seek.

Bewilderwood involves ostensibly sound people offering to run a children’s theme park in Tatton Park for the park and the council. This offer comes with a “we can’t raise the £5 million needed up front from conventional sources” – Could the reason possibly be that the project does not stand up? Predictions have been done, but who really knows? After all, the experts involved at Lyme Green fell short of the mark, and should not have advised to go ahead up to the £1 million mark on fees before calling a halt.

The “offer” also comes with a right granted to Cheshire East Council to step in if the project fails, so could the Council really succeed where the pros couldn’t?

So, Cheshire East Council will put up the £5 million and have already met some expenses. A “broker” is so confident of success he will give Cheshire East Council the rights to some of his books! What’s this worth? The right – what are the odds? More fantasy!

Strange goings on, and no mistake

Lyme Green Posted on Sat, October 12, 2013 19:05

This posting is added because Stockport Council is working in tandem with Cheshire East Council on a £300million project, and the goings on at Cheshire East vis a vis planning need careful observation.

Cheshire East Council with Councillor Michael Jones at the helm – riddles, problems, grey areas and matters not fully explained will keep on coming up.

Lyme Green and the infamous ultra expensive report. The deadline for is exposure passed. Shenanigans over that with knobs on! We will look in further postings at the distribution of the report/accessability restrictions.

Does Roberts understand what is going on at NPS Stockport?

NPS Stockport Posted on Sat, October 12, 2013 18:57

Email sent 12 October 2013 18:56

The precarious state of NPS Stockport

(please see posting

Dear Councillor Roberts

I refer to your letter of 13th September concerning the question I had put to the Executive Meeting of 12th September 2013. Thank you for the quick response.

I am surprised by your explanations and especially those concerning pension liability and its disclosure. In the NPS Balance Sheet of 31/1/12 you see the position is as follows and have no comment as far as it goes:-

Total assests £1,110,000

Liabilities 666,000

Net assets £444,000

But then it stops, whereas the legal accounts rightly continue by stating the pension liability as calculated at 31/1/12. This is not an option – to exclude it would be misleading to the shareholders, potential investors , partners in ventures and others. The exclusion and reasons for it have to be decared in the financial statements and it would not be sufficient to waive the issue aside, as you have done.

The liability represents pensions “earned” up to 31/1/12 but payable after that. Therefore, it is a mixture of short, long and “in between” – so it is not wholly long term (as you state). To say that the liability is covered by each year’s contributions is confusing, and overlooks the fact that the current contributions bring with them further new liabilities for the future.

The reference to cash (out of context) is irrelevant if the net assets £444,000 (or the pension liability) include the cash.

I will be interested to see the 31/1/13 financial statements when they are available and this is a FOI request to ask to see those please.

Your reference to the continuation “until a new provider is put in place” situation is not clear but, whatever emerges, the pensions liability will have to be considered and dealt with.

Kind regards


Mr Parnell, a human being and not a piece of dirt

Town Hall Protester Posted on Sat, October 12, 2013 18:39


Bewilderwood Posted on Sat, October 12, 2013 18:32

Cheshire East Council is working in tandem with Stockport Council over the Cheadle Constituency Link Road for votes. Therefore, it would be prudent to look into how exactly Cheshire East Council conducts its planning applications.

Of of these matters is the plan to set up a theme park in Tatton Park, Bewilderwood – one of the most bizarre proposals I have ever come across, and please bear in mind I keep an eye on Stockport Council, where bizarre is almost the default setting.

Aparently, after 20 years the site would be made clear again. By whom, exactly? The access roadworks would remain I assume.

FoI request to Executive Councillor Iain Roberts

Town Hall Protester Posted on Sat, October 12, 2013 18:26

12 October 2013 18.23

Dear Councillor Roberts

FoI request

I have posted up my Stockport Council News website some incidences when the late Mr Parnell asked you for help, as a member of the Executive of Stockport Council. We will see shortly just how many meetings he attended when you were present when he asked questions and when you witnessed him being arrested from those meetings. You saw him every day as you entered and left the town hall during his sometimes 24 hours a day peaceful protest over several years.

What efforts did you make to help him? Email or written evidence please.

With very warmest best wishes


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