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Goddard, former LibDem councillor for Offerton, now Lord Goddard – Ye Gods!

LibDem Councillors Posted on Sun, May 09, 2021 19:12

Motion text

“That this House welcomes the decision of the electorate in Stockport to reduce the number of Liberal councillors on Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council on 4th May, so ending their control of the Council; deeply regrets their decision to offer Independent Councillor Goddard a place back on the planning committee in exchange for his becoming a Liberal councillor; notes that he resigned from the Labour Group because the Labour Party decided not to re-appoint him to the planning committee in May 1999; further notes that this was because of his friendship with a property developer, and the apparent use of his position on the planning committee to help that developer and in particular to gain planning permission for him for building in the green belt; and believes in local government matters it is essential that local councillors are both honest and seen to be honest, and that the Liberal Group on Stockport Council is setting an appalling example in bribing Councillor Goddard to support them so they can cling on to power”.

The Stockport LibDems and Offerton Precinct.

LibDem Councillors Posted on Sun, May 09, 2021 13:14

After years of expensive-for-the-council-taxpayer wrangling, Stockport Council had to take Offerton Precinct owners Tenbest to court, as they failed to deliver the redevelopment of their own site, as anyone knowing the situation at the time knew they would (except the LibDem Stepping Hill Councillors), some of whom were thick and some somewhat more sinister.

LibDems – Sandringham Road planning shambles.

Sandringham Rd Iffyness Posted on Sun, May 09, 2021 13:11

As so often happens with planning issues in Stockport under the LibDem administration, the needs of local people are trampled over. Their concerns about flooding, contamination, loss of public open space, loss of amenity, traffic issues – all swept under the carpet by the arrogant councillors who held the reins of power. We definitely don’t want them back in control.

No, there is no flooding problem at this car park said the LibDem councillors

No, there are no traffic issues at this site where we want to build houses, said the LibDem councillors. The photos above show what lengths an ambulance had to go to to get through traffic.

Let’s not worry out little heads about contamination at the site said the LibDem councillors, as they often do.

There won’t be any traffic issues when the new houses are built on this site. Are these LibDem councillors insane or just too arrogant to listen?

Mark Hunter MP – no use whatsoever, as expected.

A commuted sum for play area and sports formal sports area.

And this was the outcome and with one bound the LibDems who caused it spring free.

LibDems in charge – another missing £5m.

LibDem Councillors Posted on Sun, May 09, 2021 12:42–5m.html

Offerton Precinct – were due dilligence checks carried out? Don’t make me laugh.

LibDem Councillors, Offerton Precinct Posted on Sun, May 09, 2021 12:27—not-at-stockport-mbc.html

Did the Tenbest directors have friends at court at Stockport Council run by the LibDems?

This was the head office of Tenbest, the owners of Offerton Precinct. 200 companies were run from this small, shuttered shop in North London. Amazingly the companies luxurious auditors offices were located in the same small shop.

Did Stockport Council carry out any due dilligence checks on these owners, who ultimately cost the council taxpayers yet more money and left the people of Offerton with such a disgusting precinct? I guess not.

Offerton Precinct – some background information.

LibDem Councillors, Offerton Precinct Posted on Sun, May 09, 2021 12:22

The owners of Offerton Precinct allowed it to fall into serious disrepair and dilapidation. The owners of the Libsburne Garage, who had successfully run a local business and employed local people for 25 years, were told their premises would be compulsory purchased and that land sold to the owners of the Precinct to re-develop it. The owners of the garage thought this an appalling situation and decided to come up with first class plans to develop their own site themselves, consulting with local people and trying to place on the site exactly what local people told them they wanted.  Local people said they wanted to keep the much-loved Indian restaurant, the Pharmacy, the convenience store and the local vets.  They said they didn’t want a very big store building and they didn’t want more housing.

The Council insisted that a large store be built.  It became obvious that there would be no end-user for the store.  Supermarkets either wanted very small stores or giant ones like the Tesco at Portwood.  The Council insisted it knew best.  

This photo of Offerton Precinct was taken at Easter 2012. Why was nothing done to improve the site and why did the LibDem councillors continue to support the Precinct owners’ redevelopment scheme?

LibDem Councillors, Offerton Precinct Posted on Sun, May 09, 2021 12:17

I doubt we got the money back. Why did the LibDem councillors slavishly support the owners of Offerton Precinct?

LibDem Councillors, Offerton Precinct Posted on Sun, May 09, 2021 12:10

From the agenda document Executive Meeting 12/8/14

“Offerton Precinct Development

This scheme relates to the redevelopment of the Offerton Precinct.
Possession took place on 1st July 2013 whereupon payments began to flow to the affected parties.
It is hoped that these costs will be covered by the proposed indemnity from Tenbest. If the costs
exceed the indemnity from Tenbest, the shortfall will be raised through Directly Funded Borrowing.
Negotiations continue with regards the amount of compensation, with no substantive progress
having been made during Qtr 1 of 2014/15. It is unlikely that negotiations will be completed in the
short term but it is hoped that they will be completed during the current financial year.”

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