As so often happens with planning issues in Stockport under the LibDem administration, the needs of local people are trampled over. Their concerns about flooding, contamination, loss of public open space, loss of amenity, traffic issues – all swept under the carpet by the arrogant councillors who held the reins of power. We definitely don’t want them back in control.

No, there is no flooding problem at this car park said the LibDem councillors

No, there are no traffic issues at this site where we want to build houses, said the LibDem councillors. The photos above show what lengths an ambulance had to go to to get through traffic.

Let’s not worry out little heads about contamination at the site said the LibDem councillors, as they often do.

There won’t be any traffic issues when the new houses are built on this site. Are these LibDem councillors insane or just too arrogant to listen?

Mark Hunter MP – no use whatsoever, as expected.

A commuted sum for play area and sports formal sports area.

And this was the outcome and with one bound the LibDems who caused it spring free.