I sent this email to John Hill, the Council’s Legal Officer – 9 September 2009 21:00

Dear Mr Hill

I attach further evidence village green evidence to add to the masses I have already provided to you from local people. I know this is one day past your deadline, but I had to write to Buxton for it, there is a post strike and I received the reply today. It is from children now grown up, who state the importance of having that safe land for them as they were growing up. No doubt you have lots of green space where you live.

I have not heard anything from you about the strange incident of the £340 map. You demanded of me a map to the most astonishing scale that it caused consternation in the specialist map shop, as I recall but I may be wrong, of the policital ward of North Reddish, as if the Council had no idea where that was and needed me to provide a £340 map (for one sheet!!!). I was furious with you on that day and went straight to the Express to show Mr. Devine all the relevant documents.

You have a legal duty to be impartial in dealing with this village green claim. Unless you have asked every other village green applicant in Stockport to provide a map to the same scale, I want you to have no further dealings with this application and I don’t want Mr Price Lewis to either. I think there would be grounds to take this matter to judicial review and also with regards to your refusing to accept the application from me. In addition, the CPO was submitted when there was a legal challenge to the land, which you should not have done, and you failed to inform the owners of the ransom strip of the threat to their land, so there would possibly be judicial review of the CPO process too. As I understand it from Goddard, the Council is so broke it can’t even print council documents, so two lots of judicial review proceedings would be a massive waste of council taxpayers’ money.

Please respond to the points about the map and the ransom strip CPO land.

I shall cc this to the Reddish local reporter, to show her how local people are being cheated by this Council.


Mrs S J Oliver