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Vicki Bates, Stockport Council Monitoring Officer, at ease with financial corruption.

Uncategorised Posted on Sat, September 14, 2019 16:30:06

LibDem planning corruption, with a large proportion of the miscreants coming from the Hazel  Grove constituency – financial abuses.

There is no functioning fraud and financial irregularities policy at Stockport.  I have tried to report this for a decade, but keep being stopped by Vicki Bates, Monitoring Officer at Stockport Council, Michelle Dodds, Deputy Monitoring Officer, other senior council officers and councillors of the cabinet. 

This is an explanation of the rise in the cost of the toxic waste dump school, obtained after talking to a now dead Executive Councillor for Finance, Cllr Carter, in the town hall car park, as I was not allowed to question him in meetings.

As you will see from sheet 2, a figure of £1450m2 was adopted within the cost plan.

As you will see from sheet 1 for the increased floor area from 2600m2 to 3185m2 a cost of £1.050 million is given –

3185 -2600 = 585m2 x £1450 = £848,250 and not £1.050 million.

 Surely, it is in no way “vexatious” to question a financial irregularity of £207,750.  But it is at Stockport firstly under the LibDems and now still under Labour.

In addition, changing areas Sport England – £280,000 – additional 167m2.  Firstly, 167m2 x £1450 – £242, 150 and not £280,000.  Secondly, as far as I am aware there is didley squat there on the site and, of course, I am not allowed to check whether these are hidden inside the school as that would be “vexatious”.

There is no football pitch at the school site – another £75k abnormality Michelle Dodds and others won’t allow me to question.

I asked then LibDem leader of the Council Goddard, now Lord Goddard, chum of notorious gangsters and the person who had sick, innocent Mr Parnell imprisoned.  I have submitted the evidence countless times as I have done to you. This was his response:

Stockport Council Monitoring Officer Vicki Bates and her deputy Michelle Dodds claim it is “vexatious” to question these multi £m financial irregularities. Are these women fit people to hold public office?

LibDem planning corruption at Stockport – Monitoring Officer fine with this.

Vale View School, Vicki Bates, Monitoring Officer, Stockport Council Posted on Sat, September 14, 2019 07:54:02

The Stockport Council assistant monitoring officer Michelle Dodds and Vicki Bates, Strategic Head of Service & Monitoring Officer (Legal, Democratic Governance and Estate and Asset Management), say I am vexatious to have ever raised this issue.  Ms Dodds and Ms Bates obviously care nothing for children’s safety.

The Stockport then-entirely LibDem Executive decided to build the new 500 pupil, still gassing toxic waste dump school at this location where traffic was already horrendous:

Most of the cars  from the houses within the red lines on the photo below, which have to exit their housing estate along narrow Mill Lane past the new, still gassing toxic waste dump primary school, were ignored at the planning meeting. What about the traffic from all these houses I asked and asked?  Don’t be vexatious they replied, and they still do –  Ms Dodds and Ms Bates, Stockport Council panjandrums.

Within weeks of the new school opening the police had complained about the dangerous traffic situation, which I had previously warned the Council about:

The school was issuing letters to parents and residents about the dangerous traffic situation, but still my questions on the subject were and still are “vexatious”.

It would be bad enough that Ms Dodds and Ms Bates, Monitoring Officers, don’t care about children’s safety enough to allow questions to be asked about the traffic situation, but my young son died in a traffic accident aged just 16.  For these women to call a mother who lost her child in a traffic accident “vexatious” for correctly identifying the dangers to primary school children is so offensive to me as to be off the scale.

My son

LibDems sent good news stories about themselves to 120k homes 6 times per annum

LibDem Councillors Posted on Thu, September 12, 2019 19:32:31

The ghastly and some very dodgy Stockport LibDem Councillors used to send colour photos of themselves with good news stories to over 120,000 homes in Stockport six times a year. Fortunately, that no longer happens

Dear Mrs Oliver,
I am writing in response to your request for information below (ref 1922).
The total budget allocated is £147,538.
If you are unhappy with the way we have handled your request you are entitled to ask for an internal review. Any internal review will be carried out by a senior member of staff who was not involved with your original request. To ask for an internal review, contact in the first instance.
If you are unhappy with the outcome of any internal review, you are entitled to complain to the Information Commissioner. To do so, contact:
Information Commissioner’s Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane
01625 545 745
Yours sincerely,
Claire Naven
Claire Naven
Data Protection & Freedom of Information Officer
Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council

Stockport LibDems save bowling greens from LibDems who wanted to destroy them. Yay!

LibDem Councillors Posted on Wed, September 11, 2019 19:35:23
The brass neck of the Stockport LibDems

LibDem MPs siphoning off public money into party coffers

LibDem Party Bods Posted on Wed, September 11, 2019 19:18:17
Hunter – October 2005 £3,000 paid to regional party
Stunell – November 2005 £4,000 paid to North West LibDems
Mark Hunter £2,544.91 to Anon – January 2006
Stunell – July 2006 £4,000 to regional party
Stunell April 2006 £5,000 paid to the Liberal Democrats
Hunter – April 2006- 2007 £4,000 paid to the LibDems
Stunell – August 2006 £4,000 paid to North West LibDems
Mark Hunter – £4,000 paid to North West LibDems October 2007
All redacted.
September 2007 £4,000 paid to regional party

LibDem Lisa Smart – hypocrite

LibDem Councillors Posted on Mon, September 09, 2019 20:01:39

Stockport LibDem councillors Lisa Smart and Angela Clark want to destroy the lovely Goyt Valley with an extension to their disastrous A6 MARR bypass, and Smart has the damned cheek to produce an election leaflet like the one above. She is such a hypocrite.

Lisa Smart, she is not local and she wants to bring us the bypass.

Children’s Online Safety

Child Online Safety Posted on Sun, September 08, 2019 14:27:23

On line Safety

Above images by David Kelsall

Many thanks to Peyton, who kindly sent me this link from hotspotshield:

“How To Keep Children Protected Online: Internet Safety For Kids”

And again thanks to Peyton who also sent me this link:

“Shop Safely Online with Cybersecurity Information.”

“Shop Safely Online with Cybersecurity Information.”

“The Complete Guide to Protecting Your Child’s Safety Online in 2018”
“Social Media and Cyber Security”

“Guide to Keeping Children Safe Online (Updated for 2018)”
“The most common threats children can face online in 2018”

“The Ultimate Guide to Protecting your Child on the Internet”

“Digital citizenship, online safety and civility”

“”Phishing” Fraud: How to Avoid Getting Fried by Phony Phishermen”

“Parental controls on devices”
Cyberbulling including sexting, social media etc

“How to keep children safe online”

“Internet safety for kids. A Guide for Parents, Carers & Educators”

“Having fun on the internet
The Internet is a cool place to learn new things, play games and connect with friends and family.
Billions of people around the world use the Internet just like you!”

“How to check your child’s credit report
The presence of one could signal identity theft”

“VPNs and proxy services offer some similar features, but with major differences in versatility and security. VPNs vs Proxy will explain these differences and help you make the right choice for your needs.”

“How to Hide My IP Address”

“Home Safety: Keeping Your Kids Safe Online”

“Sammy’s Guide to Internet Safety”

“A Comprehensive Cyberbullying Guide for Parents.”

“A Guide to Keeping Children Safe Online (A Good Read For Non-Techy Parents)”

Wise advice from Watson the Walrus.

Have fun and keep safe with Ernest the Owl.

“A Guide to Protecting Children’s Privacy Online”.

“Protect your and your childrens’ identity when you travel.”

“Cyberbullying & Substance Abuse”

“What Is Cyberbullying? An Overview for Students, Parents, and Teachers.”

“E Safety Guide for Parents & Kids to keep kids safe Online.”

“The Parents Guide to Internet Safety, Security and Screen Time for Kids”.

“Cyberbullying: The Full Guide For Parents, Children & Schools”.

“How to Keep Children Safe in Cyber Space – An Updated Guide For Parents.”

“Internet Safety for Teens, Kids, and Students.”

“Best Kids Search Engines to Ensure Safety Online.”

“The Definitive Guide to Internet Privacy & Online Security.”

“Keeping Children Safe Online.”

“Smart phone and social media safety.”

“Dealing with Cyberbullying. Guide for Parents.”

Mr Parnell – what he needed

Town Hall Protester Posted on Fri, September 06, 2019 19:21:42
Stockport Council did this to Andrea Adams

Stockport Council did this to Alison Davies and her young son Ryan.

Mr Parnell only asked for counselling for his lovely, adopted daughters who had had a terrible time with their birth parents.

The Serious Case reviews of these two terrible incidents meant that Stockport Council in future agreed to help parents who came to them asking for assistance with children who had problems. Not what they did for sick, innocent Mr Parnell or his lovely family.

They framed and falsely imprisoned him for alleged assault with a sneeze, which CCTV they had showed hadn’t happened, and they refused to allow it to be shown at his trial – evidence exonerating him completely.,-arrests,-imprisonment-1.html

There was no ludicrous assault with a sneeze.

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