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Are LibDem Councillors Smart/Clark willfully blind to LibDem corruption?

LibDem Councillors, Lisa Smart LibDem PPC, North Reddish Primary School, SMBC FOI, Vale View School, Vicki Bates, Monitoring Officer, Stockport Council Posted on Sat, December 02, 2023 07:45

They promised in the full council meeting of 4th of October that they would represent me. No response yet to this letter to them.

Councillor Lisa Smart/Councillor Angela Clark
Stockport Town Hall
Edward Street

Date 10/10/2023

Dear Councillor Smart/Clark

You undertook at the full council meeting at Stockport Town Hall on 4th October 2023 to represent me.  My questions have been erroneously branded as being vexatious by Stockport Council from the last time it was under Liberal Democrat control.  It was claimed that I had been rude and offensive.  The Information Commissioner decided that I had not been rude and offensive, but was asking too many questions.   I have that evidence, as does Stockport Council.  The Council has no evidence of my ever having been rude or offensive.   I need you to examine the relevant evidence yourself and decide if the questions were rude, offensive, wasting councillor/officer time or in the interests of public safety or the public purse.  I draw your attention to the relevant government advice, which was in place at the time these questions were first raised:-

It is an offence under the Fraud Act 2006 to act deliberately to cause someone (in this instance the council taxpayer) a loss.

Section 2 – Fraud by False Representation It is an offence to commit fraud by false representation. The representation must be made dishonestly. The person must make the representation with the intention of making a gain or causing loss or risk of loss to another.

  1.  You are building the Vale View School too small deliberately, I told Stockport Council.  Your question is vexatious and you are wasting our valuable time with your constant questions, they replied.

My question to the full council meeting – deemed vexatious.

  • But the Council knew in April 2006 that the school was being built too small, so why was my council meeting question on the subject deemed vexatious in February 2008?
  • The birthrate in the area was rising sharply.

The Council stated in the minutes of a meeting on 26th April 2006 that 555 pupils needed a place at Vale View School, so the above FOI response would appear to be incorrect – also an offence to give an untrue response.

  • On 10th of March 2006 the Council knew the school was being built too small.  “I stress the need for confidentiality.”
  • After the school opened it was admitted that a share of 81 million pounds would have to be spent on school places including North Reddish.

I look forward to your decision as to whether this was well-researched questioning about which nothing was done, or my being a nuisance to busy and important council officers and councillors.  It is a simple matter for you to read through this evidence.  There will be no need to drag this out over weeks and months and I look forward to your response with interest.


Sheila Oliver

c.c. Councillor David Meller

Town Hall



Yippee, the LibDems are not taking back control of Stockport. Faces like smacked bottoms though ;o)

LibDem Councillor Mark Hunter, Lisa Smart LibDem PPC, Uncategorised Posted on Thu, May 20, 2021 19:29

Having caused the problems for local people over years, the LibDems then try to take the Credit.

LibDem Councillors, Lisa Smart LibDem PPC, Offerton Precinct Posted on Mon, May 10, 2021 17:26

Meikle, Stunneybuns, Smart and Goddard. Their brass neck is astounding.

Cllr Lisa Smart pointing at a pothole.

Lisa Smart LibDem PPC Posted on Mon, May 10, 2021 16:56

Lisa Smart – questions asked

Lisa Smart LibDem PPC Posted on Sat, May 02, 2015 12:24

“Dear fellow voters,

I’m sure that I am not alone in being curious about the background and qualifications of our prospective MP, so I started by looking at the bio on her website and left none the wiser. Lisa invites us to get in touch, so I did just that. I asked which charity she had been Chief Executive of, and in which businesses/roles she had gained her 12 years’ experience in International Finance. Perfectly reasonable questions, I thought. There was no reply, so after 2 weeks I mailed again and got a response from a party caseworker, devoid of any facts.

By this point, my curiosity was increasing, so I mailed again and was told that a CV for Lisa would be posted to me at home. It didn’t arrive. A week later I mailed again and a week after that a shiny leaflet containing absolutely no hard facts plopped onto my doormat.

By now, my curiosity was beginning to turn to suspicion. So I did some research of my own. I’ve presented the facts below, but please do make corrections if I have got anything wrong.

1) Lisa Smart is a founding trustee since 2006 of La Vida Vital Development Aid for Investment in South America, charity number 1115796 based in London. The average turnover for the last 5 years of published accounts is £55,489. All of the trustees act as unpaid volunteers. Once you know the name, it is easy to find out all about the charity on the web. According to the charities commission website, Miss Lisa Smart is not currently a trustee of any other charities.

2) Lisa worked for 9 years in London for Pictet Asset Management (PIC), a Swiss Private Bank. According to archived web pages from La Vida, her role was relationship manager for North American institutional clients.

3) According to her profile on, in 2010, Lisa joined Genesis Investment Management, LLP as Director of Client Relationships, with a focus on relationships with clients and investment consultants. In addition to her role with the Client Services team, she also runs the Genesis Charitable Trust. In her current profile on the LaVida website, she is described as Chief Executive of Genesis Charitable Trust.

4) Genesis Charitable Trust, charity number 1148643 is based in Westminster, London. It was established in 2012, funded exclusively by Genesis LLP. So far only accounts from 2013 have been filed, which show an income of £2.3m and expenditure of £1.5m. The annual report can be downloaded from the charities commission website. Lisa Smart is not listed as a current trustee. Her name does not appear anywhere in the 2013 annual report or on the Genesis website.

5) According to the Companies House database, Lisa Smart became a director of Stockport Canal Boat Trust on 29th October, 2014. She holds no other current directorships and has no closed or retired directorships.

6) According to her office, Lisa is a governor of Torkington Primary School. According to the website of Merton Lib Dems in her 2012 campaign to be elected to the London Assembly, Lisa was also a local candidate there, having lived in Wandsworth for 10 years and acted as a governor for a local school (Elliot school, since 2012 the ARK acadamy). The caseworker didn’t think to include the last bit.

I don’t have a party political view on the above, I just wish people putting themselves forward for public office could find it within themselves to tell the straight-forward truth. My best guess is that someone has determined voters may not empathise with a “Local” candidate who clearly isn’t and has actually had a career in Swiss Private Banking, or to some folks, “A Banker”. Unfortunately for the politicians out there, the power of the web means that there is no hiding place and the truth will out.

From what I can see, Lisa’s CV is actually quite impressive. There is still one question unanswered, though. Why does she want to be the MP for Hazel Grove?”


Dirty Tricks Lisa Smart, LibDem PPC

Lisa Smart LibDem PPC Posted on Fri, April 24, 2015 19:52

Dirty tactics’ accusations after email from councillor who quit Labour party circulated to residents.

Labour has accused the Lib Dems of ‘dirty tactics’ after an email from an independent councillor who defected from Ed Miliband’s party was circulated to voters.

Stockport Councillor Laura Booth, who quit Labour last year after claims of ‘bullying’, is backing Lib Dem Lisa Smart for the Hazel Grove parliamentary seat.

Residents have now received the letter and email after it was circulated by the Lib Dems.

Coun Booth sits in the town hall as an independent after dropping her bid to become Labour’s MP for Hazel Grove next month when she left the party.

But Labour members, including General Election candidate Michael Taylor, have blasted her for ‘misleading’ residents, claiming her email deliberately ‘confuses’ voters into thinking a Labour councillor is backing a Lib Dem – and that the party has given up in Hazel Grove.

The email states: “This is the hardest email I’ve ever had to write. I’ve been a life-long supporter of the Labour movement.

“I was selected a year and a half ago to represent the Labour Party as our potential MP. But for the first time in my life I will not be voting Labour at the elections on May 7. I’ll be backing Lisa Smart to be our MP.

“It really is a two-horse race in our constituency, Labour are out of the race and can’t win here.”

Labour’s general election candidate for Hazel Grove, Michael Taylor

Mr Taylor said: “No Labour member is saying ‘vote for the Lib Dems’. This is just an independent councillor who sits with the Lib Dems, endorsing them.

“There isn’t a single Labour person in the Hazel Grove constituency who is backing the Lib Dem candidate; quite the reverse. The email is deliberately confusing and malicious and designed to confuse voters into thinking the Labour candidate has given up.

“Laura Booth left the Labour party last September – nowhere does she say that. We have evidence of people who have been misled and are angry about this.”

Ms Smart, who is hoping to keep the seat for the Lib Dems, said: “Hazel Grove has always been a clear fight between the Lib Dems and the Conservatives and all polls suggest it is neck-and-neck this time.

“More and more Labour supporters are backing me to win this time and I’m delighted that Laura is one of them.”

Mr Taylor added: “The reverse is true. If more and more Labour supporters are migrating to the Lib Dems, why do they have to pretend this independent councillor is a Labour member? She’s a Lib Dem in all but name.”

Coun Booth was unavailable for comment.

No self-respecting Yorkshire Terrier would willingly canvass for the LibDems

Lisa Smart LibDem PPC Posted on Mon, April 13, 2015 16:54

Free the captured Yorkie. Stop this inhumane treatment of Poppy now.

Loathsome, London Lisa is trying to destroy ancient woodland and green walkies spaces in the Borough. What dog would go along with that? Shame on you, Access-for-Cash Lisa.

Access For Cash Lisa Smart

Lisa Smart LibDem PPC Posted on Mon, April 13, 2015 16:40

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