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Having caused the problems for local people over years, the LibDems then try to take the Credit.

LibDem Councillors, Lisa Smart LibDem PPC, Offerton Precinct Posted on Mon, May 10, 2021 17:26

Meikle, Stunneybuns, Smart and Goddard. Their brass neck is astounding.

Offerton Precinct – were due dilligence checks carried out? Don’t make me laugh.

LibDem Councillors, Offerton Precinct Posted on Sun, May 09, 2021 12:27—not-at-stockport-mbc.html

Did the Tenbest directors have friends at court at Stockport Council run by the LibDems?

This was the head office of Tenbest, the owners of Offerton Precinct. 200 companies were run from this small, shuttered shop in North London. Amazingly the companies luxurious auditors offices were located in the same small shop.

Did Stockport Council carry out any due dilligence checks on these owners, who ultimately cost the council taxpayers yet more money and left the people of Offerton with such a disgusting precinct? I guess not.

Offerton Precinct – some background information.

LibDem Councillors, Offerton Precinct Posted on Sun, May 09, 2021 12:22

The owners of Offerton Precinct allowed it to fall into serious disrepair and dilapidation. The owners of the Libsburne Garage, who had successfully run a local business and employed local people for 25 years, were told their premises would be compulsory purchased and that land sold to the owners of the Precinct to re-develop it. The owners of the garage thought this an appalling situation and decided to come up with first class plans to develop their own site themselves, consulting with local people and trying to place on the site exactly what local people told them they wanted.  Local people said they wanted to keep the much-loved Indian restaurant, the Pharmacy, the convenience store and the local vets.  They said they didn’t want a very big store building and they didn’t want more housing.

The Council insisted that a large store be built.  It became obvious that there would be no end-user for the store.  Supermarkets either wanted very small stores or giant ones like the Tesco at Portwood.  The Council insisted it knew best.  

This photo of Offerton Precinct was taken at Easter 2012. Why was nothing done to improve the site and why did the LibDem councillors continue to support the Precinct owners’ redevelopment scheme?

LibDem Councillors, Offerton Precinct Posted on Sun, May 09, 2021 12:17

I doubt we got the money back. Why did the LibDem councillors slavishly support the owners of Offerton Precinct?

LibDem Councillors, Offerton Precinct Posted on Sun, May 09, 2021 12:10

From the agenda document Executive Meeting 12/8/14

“Offerton Precinct Development

This scheme relates to the redevelopment of the Offerton Precinct.
Possession took place on 1st July 2013 whereupon payments began to flow to the affected parties.
It is hoped that these costs will be covered by the proposed indemnity from Tenbest. If the costs
exceed the indemnity from Tenbest, the shortfall will be raised through Directly Funded Borrowing.
Negotiations continue with regards the amount of compensation, with no substantive progress
having been made during Qtr 1 of 2014/15. It is unlikely that negotiations will be completed in the
short term but it is hoped that they will be completed during the current financial year.”

Offerton Precinct – uselsss LibDem local councillors let this happen

LibDem Councillors, Offerton Precinct Posted on Sun, May 09, 2021 12:05

Tenbest’s auditors share their shuttered shop premises

Offerton Precinct Posted on Tue, September 22, 2015 07:32

Tenbest, previous owners of Offerton Precinct

Offerton Precinct Posted on Tue, September 22, 2015 07:28

“Tenbest Limited was founded on 27 Mar 1996. The organisation’s status is active, and they have 6 associated directors – 3 are current, and 3 former. It looks as though Tenbest Limited has not been the plaintiff or defendant of a lawsuit. The company has 3 subsidiaries. There are 2 shareholders of the company. The business has assets of £2,263,084 plus liabilities of £6,798,023. They are due to pay £1,708,572 to creditors and are owed back £664,680 from trade debtors. As of their last financial statement, they had £3,998 in cash reserves. The company’s current net worth is £1,027,492, and the value of their shareholders’ interest is £1,027,492.”

Duedil website

This photo shows Tenbest’s headquarters in North London (the shuttered shop).

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