“Tenbest Limited was founded on 27 Mar 1996. The organisation’s status is active, and they have 6 associated directors – 3 are current, and 3 former. It looks as though Tenbest Limited has not been the plaintiff or defendant of a lawsuit. The company has 3 subsidiaries. There are 2 shareholders of the company. The business has assets of £2,263,084 plus liabilities of £6,798,023. They are due to pay £1,708,572 to creditors and are owed back £664,680 from trade debtors. As of their last financial statement, they had £3,998 in cash reserves. The company’s current net worth is £1,027,492, and the value of their shareholders’ interest is £1,027,492.”

Duedil website

This photo shows Tenbest’s headquarters in North London (the shuttered shop).