Councillor Lisa Smart/Councillor Angela Clark
Stockport Town Hall
Edward Street
By Recorded Delivery

Thursday, 01 February 2024

Dear Councillor Smart/Clark

You undertook at the full council meeting at Stockport Town Hall on 4th October 2023 to represent me.  My questions have been erroneously branded as being vexatious by Stockport Council from the last time it was under Liberal Democrat control.  It was claimed that I had been rude and offensive.  The Information Commissioner decided that I had not been rude and offensive, but was asking too many questions.   I have that evidence, as does Stockport Council.  The Council has no evidence of my ever having been rude or offensive.   I need you to examine the relevant evidence yourself and decide if the questions were rude, offensive, wasting councillor/officer time or in the interests of public safety or the public purse.  I draw your attention to the relevant government advice, which was in place at the time these questions were first raised:-

Your reply to me, when it was finally extracted from you, was ludicrous to say the least.  Because this took place in a different part of Stockport you can’t help me?  You promised to represent me – I live in your ward.  The offences were committed by LibDem Executive councillors, some of whom are now back in control of the council.

Financial Irregularities (Part 1)

I was branded vexatious by then LibDem run Stockport Council for raising the issue of financial irregularities.  In October 2005 the Vale View School was said to be costing £5.5million, by December 2005 it had gone up to £7.5 million.  By July 2006 the costs had risen to £8.2million, £2.40 million over budget.  It then rose shortly afterwards to £10 million Why was it considered vexatious of me to raise these matters?

I look forward to your reply.  I shall send this by snail mail as well, so you can’t claim you haven’t received it.

We don’t need another MP happy to turn a blind eye to the corruption of their political cohorts.


Sheila Oliver