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C’mon Cllr Jake Austin, LibDem mayoral candidate for Manchester, speak to me about this

Uncategorised Posted on Thu, April 11, 2024 19:01

Stockport Council was given over £2m for a new school/new school places in North Reddish. They spent it on something else, which is not illegal, but they then had to replace that money.

There were two possible sites for the new school – on without toxic waste in situ, with no dangerous traffic problems and with plenty of room for expansion. They sold that off for housing – The Fir Tree site. The other site was a still-gassing toxic waste dump. It was a Jackson’s Brickyard. When they stopped making bricks they filled in the claypits with rubbish at a time when no records of what was tipped were kept. In the early 1970s, the law on tipping changed. They couldn’t meet the new safety standards, so the land was grassed over and became public open space, local sports facilities and a recreation ground. There were terrible, existing traffic problems at the location even before the new 500 + pupil school was built. Obviously, the totally LibDem executive committee decided to put the new school on the toxic site.

Quelle Surprise – it is all kept secret

Stockport Homes Posted on Thu, April 11, 2024 08:13

Who owns the Stockport Homes fancy pants new building? Stockport Homes do. Could I see the details of the arrangement? No, because it is still secret. I have asked again but this is a LibDem run council so secrecy is key to them. I note Councillor Sheila Bailey, who was neither corrupt nor stupid, opposed their plans.

Mrs Oliver,

Public Question to the Council Meeting

I refer to your public question that you submitted to the recent meeting of the Council in relation to the ownership of the Stockport Homes officer building.

As you were not in attendance, it was agreed that a written response would be provided.

I have now been passed the following response which I have been asked to circulate to you:-

Mrs Oliver,

Thank you for your recent Public Question to the most recent Full Council meeting.

Stockport Homes owns the building and the development followed a full business case process.

I understand a written response has already been sent to you regarding the public question you submitted to the last Cabinet meeting.

Kind regards,

Mark Hunter

Leader of the Council

My reply to them:

Dear Foi Officer

I received this reply below to a council meeting question regarding who owns the Stockport Homes building, in light of the council’s proposal to dispense with them.  I asked to see the business case and, guess what, it is secret.  I knew it would be before I even asked the question.  So could I please now see the confidential parts of this application.

I copy the relevant legislation to you.

Kind regards

Sheila Oliver

Local Authority Specialist Researcher

Citizens 2022 Committee

“Information is not exempt information if it relates to proposed development for which the local planning authority may grant itself planning permission pursuant to regulation 3 of the Town and Country Planning General Regulations 1992

Information which-(a)falls within any of paragraphs 1 to 7 above; and (b)is not prevented from being exempt by virtue of paragraph 8 or 9 above, is exempt information if and so long, as in all the circumstances of the case, the public interest in maintaining the exemption outweighs the public interest in disclosing the information”“3.  Subject to regulation 4, an application for planning permission by an interested planning authority to develop any land of that authority, or for development of any land by an interested planning authority or by an interested planning authority jointly with any other person,

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