Purely because they were forced for a diversion of public footpath inquiry to prove the footpath wasn’t being diverted into contaminated land, LibDem Stockport Council finally carried out proper contamination investigation, although the toxic soil was piled up in these investigations and shouldn’t have been. At the public inquiry the woman involved, Naomi Harries, said the law had changed meaning the site had to be investigated in a better manner. They had simply thought they could get away with not investigating the site properly previously, and this for a 550 pupil primary school and babies nursery. Greater Manchester Geological Unit was funded by the Greater Manchester Councils.

Naomi Harries, of Greater Manchester Geological Unit, Urban Vision, Salford Council, told a diversion of footpath public inquiry on 06/01/10 that there were changes in legislation which meant that work was done which led to the contamination subsequently being found after she had stated that the school area was safe.

Andrew Webb, Director of Children and Young People’s Department, repeated this claim to local parents. The Council are refusing to say what changes in legislation.

However, better investigations were done in the early 1980s at the sister site which is now Bredbury Industrial Estate than were done in 2006 for a new, primary school and babies nurser.

This is what life is like under the LibDem jackboot.