In 2006 Greater Manchester Geological Unit (Stockport Council’s contamination ‘experts’) stated to a public inquiry about the sister Jackson’s
Brickyard site at Adswood:- “Where the redevelopment of a closed landfill or
nearby land is involved, even the possibility of difficulties from migrating gas
would be a material planning consideration.” It wasn’t for this new

In a memo written by Stockport Council’s Environmental Health
Officer referring to the former Jackson’s Brickyard sister site at Adswood he
states:- “If a venting point was driven though an area of asbestos there would
be the potential for asbestos fibres to be released on to the development. No
lower threshold exists for certain types of asbestos, hence a serious health
risk would occur if even one fibre of asbestos were to be released during the
venting of the gas”.