Naomi Harries, of Greater Manchester Geological Unit, Urban
Vision, Salford Council, told a diversion of footpath public inquiry on 06/01/10
that there were changes in legislation which meant that work was done which led
to the contamination subsequently being found after she had stated that the
school area was safe. Andrew Webb, Director of Children and Young People’s
Department, repeated this claim to local parents. The Council are refusing to
say what changes in legislation

BS 10175 (, which the Council and Greater Manchester
Geological Unit claim to have complied with in their April 2006 investigations,
states that a high density of sampling grid can also be necessary where a high
level of confidence is required for the outcome of a risk assessment.
Presumably, for 550 primary school pupils and 78 babies directly on top of a
still gassing former toxic waste dump a high level of confidence would be
required. Apparently not!