“I am concerned that no coverage has been given to the negative effects of the
new airport road. Local residents have advised me that tree felling is going on
around Styal and the airport this morning for the A6-MARR. The pond in by the
Hale Barns Junction of M56 has been filled in where a large number of Great Crested Newts were moved to when they filled in the ponds for Runway 2 in 1997.
This pond was believed to contain one of the highest concentrations of this
supposedly ‘protected’ species in Cheshire.

How (if at all) has the
removal of this biodiverse pond ‘been mitigated’ and where have these newts been
moved to? This pond has been filled in to make way for airport-related
expansion. A6-MARR is part and parcel of the same scheme, just like the A556
destruction that is now well underway.

There has also been no
explanation of how mitigation of increased traffic pollution on the A6 in High
Lane and Disley is actually going to work, or whether it will. Residents are
already suffering from the effects of pollution with asthma an other respiratory
diseases increasing considerably in the area. Increased airport traffic will
also cause increased pollution to add to their woes.

How many more sacrifices do people have to make in
the name of “growth”? Why is only the monetary cost measured rather than the
true cost which includes cleaning up after destruction of the environment and
increased health care for those affected and the unseen costs to the other
species which lose their habitat? “