From: sheilaoliver

To: Cllr Kevin Hogg ; Oldfield, Simon ; Peter
; Steve Lamb ; John Schultz ;


Sent: Monday, September 10, 2007 8:00 PM

Subject: Harcourt Street, Stockport proposed school – dangerous site

Dear Secretary of State

The above matter is with you for a
call-in decision. The proposed site is a former Jackson’s Brickyard
claypit site which was infilled at a time when no records regarding what was
disposed there were kept.

I fortuitously met Mr. Paul Dunn,
Executive Director, Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Agency this
evening. He told me that for the site to be used for the proposed school
very careful site investigations would need to be carried out. Even the
promised site-wide boreholing has not been carried out, and Mr. Dunn felt that
specialist contractors would need to carry out a detailed investigation of
this site. I don’t believe Greater Manchester Geological Unit has such

Given that a similar site had to be
shut this week on safety grounds on account of Methane, I feel it is quite
frightening that Stockport Council intends to build a school on this land
without ensuring the safety of the project. The Planning and Highways
Committee totally ignored genuine concerns about safety which had
been raised by the area committee.

I do hope you will give due
consideration to these important issues.

Kind regards

Sheila Oliver