New roadbuilding brings infill development.

This is a letter sent from Little Bollington Parish:

“Dear Residents


Please send your comments to Cheshire East Closing date:
5pm, Tuesday 19 April

A well attended Parish Meeting on 11 April agreed to
encourage everyone to make a response to Cheshire East Council about the
proposed Cheshire Gateway development. This is a proposal for a major
commercial development on land in and near Little Bollington.

The proposed development is on two adjacent sites: the
western site of 25 hectares (63 acres) is bounded by the M56/A556/A56 and Spode
Green Lane; the eastern site of 9 hectares (22 acres) at Yarwood Heath is
bounded by the M56/M56 slip road/A556. The proposal for development is made by
Tatton Estates, a major owner of land in the area around Tatton Park.

Cheshire East Council have prepared a detailed report on
the proposal dated March 2016. The report proposes as follows:

1. the eastern site be removed from the Green belt
and safeguarded for future development.

2. The western site remain in the Green Belt.

Cheshire East Council are in the final stages of
preparing the Local Plan. This sets policy and strategy for future development.
The plan is open for consultation and responses are invited by 19 April. The
Local Plan will be based on the above recommendations, subject to any changes
following consultation responses.

The land owner is likely to respond to the Local Plan
consultation and call for both sites to be removed from the green belt

The Parish Meeting will also respond, to ask that both
eastern and western sites remain in the green belt. The Parish Meeting calls on
all residents to do the same. It is important all residents respond in their
own words to ensure to a high number of individual responses.

Please send your response on the Local Plan consultation
before the deadline of 5.00 pm, Tuesday 19 April.

A short list of important points to consider in preparing
responses is below.

An online response is preferred via this website:

Or you can send an email to:

Or you can write to:

LOCAL PLAN CONSULTATION, Cheshire East Council, 1st
Floor, Westfields, Middlewich Road, Sandbach, CW11 1HZ

The consultation is open to all members of the public.
Please encourage others to respond.


Short list of important points to consider in preparing

Cheshire Gateway & the Green Belt

I support the recommendation for the Cheshire Gateway
western parcel (PSS1201a)to remain in the Green Belt.

I strongly oppose the recommendation to remove the
Cheshire Gateway eastern parcel (PSS1201b)from the Green Belt and to
include this as safeguarded
land for possible future development.

The western site must not be removed from the Green Belt.

The eastern site should not be removed from the Green
Belt at this time.

The Green Belt

The Green Belt should not be compromised.

It is essential to protect the Green Belt in this area
/the area lies just beyond the edge of the major conurbation of Manchester /
the green belt is a valuable resource for the people of Manchester / the Green
Belt provides a buffer around the Manchester conurbation / the urban sprawl of
Manchester must not be allowed to spread indefinitely/ ….

Little Bollington and area

Little Bollington is a particularly attractive area /
quiet residential area / small rural settlement / small village community / ….

The area is surrounded by rural amenity sites which will
be seriously adversely affected by any commercial development. These include
the Dunham Massey Estate, the Tatton Park Estate, the Bridgewater Canal, many
popular local footpaths, etc.

Provision for future development

It is inappropriate to take the major adverse step of
removing land from the Green Belt now to make provision for possible
development requirements for a date which is at least 14 years in the future.

The needs for development in the future are far from
certain. / It is not possible to predict the economic and development needs of
the area more than 14 years in the future. / It is generally recognised that
plans that extend for more than 5 years are of little value it is not sensible to plan now for a period
beyond 2030 /….

Astra Zeneca have moved many staff and operations away
from their Alderley Edge site in Cheshire East. The released office and
manufacturing space has not been occupied. This makes good provision to meet
future demand.

The full Cheshire East report on the Cheshire Gateway
proposals can be seen at this website – scroll down to Further evidence: Item 13m .

Please let me know if you want to see a copy the Tatton
Estates prospectus for the Cheshire Gateway development.

Many thanks

Mike Reed

Parish Clerk, Little Bollington