“The Business Case is not yet finalised and the material which should underpin the consultation is subject to change.

An initial analysis of the Business Case shows serious problems, including:

 Inconsistency between stability and decline in traffic locally, pre-dating the recession

 Serious inaccuracies in the public transport model used to show the impact of the current road scheme including mode share and total number of trips

 A majority of benefits accrue to longer distance traffic, not local traffic as is the stated purpose of the scheme

 No account appears to have been taken of the Northern Hub initiative and the impact this, and electrification schemes, will have on longer distance journeys

 Unanswered questions over how the new developments have been included in the model, especially in relation to TEMPRO

 Lack of genuine sensitivity testing, including assumptions on land use, policies including limiting parking and Smarter Choices, and a traffic stability forecast

 Questions over whether the Area of Influence is too small and fails to pick up longer distance impacts.”

Professor Wenban-Smith