“In the 2011 MTRU report, the need for an update was set out, and the following elements were listed as requiring attention:

1. Highway network and accompanying zones better suited to sustainable modes and town centres

2. Full consideration of trip generation from different employment and housing locations

3. Incorporation of travel plans (Smarter Choices) in the demand management effects

4. Recognition of the growing public transport role and its competition with travel by car

5. Understanding of how traffic growth has slowed down (even before the recession) and what the implications are for any future schemes

6. Understanding of the residual traffic generation, either by changing destination (redistribution) or making more trips (generation).

As far as can be seen from the documentation so far, some additional work has been undertaken under items 2 and 6. The rest are still not represented in the appraisal published to date.”

Keith Buchan’s critique