What a pity SMBC never bother to consider rail transport. Obviously, they are worried that Airport City will deplete commerce from Stockport. Commercial development next to Stockport Station might be a good idea, but Stockport is on the wrong line for the airport. So, it takes 40 minutes from Stockport but only 20 minutes from Piccadilly.

The Stockport line actually goes underneath the A555 just before Wilsmlow Road, so they could have extended a spur into the airport along the proposed A555 route. Stockport is much closer to the airport than Manchester (5m/8m) and a train from Stockport might take only 12 minutes if they built a rail spur – much faster than taking the motorway; the proposed A555 is probably the slowest route. The Stockport/ Wilmslow track is electrified. So, fast electric trains would help alleviate the air pollution burden along the A555 corridor.

Pity SMBC never did a Web tag analysis of new rail routes despite spending £20m+ on their multimodal study.

Stephen Houston