In 1922 there were three Jackson’s Brickyards in Stockport. The school site in North Reddish, what is now Adswood Tip and Bredbury Tip and industrial estate.

When they had finished brick-making in the 1950s they filled in the claypits with rubbish. When legislation was introduced in the early 1970s to record what was being tipped, the parent company of the three sites, which had had a similar layout and history including tipping history since 1922, Christian Salveson, applied to the Council for planning permission to build housing on the three sites. The Council refused because the sites were too dangerous to build on.

Christian Salveson appealed to the Secretary of State and the Council was forced to buy the three sites off them.

In the 1980s contamination investigations were done at the Bredbury site in order to build the tip and warehousing. Even then, even for that purpose, better contamination investigations were done than were done in 2006 for a 550 pupil primary school and nursery for 78 babies! I mentioned this at the time. Don’t be so vexatious the LibDems said, and they still do.

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