Fraud by false representation – the LibDems shut me up by branding me vexatious for mentioning (before the contract was signed) that the school was being built too small. They knew the facts – they falsly represented them.

A person is in breach of the Act if they intend by making the representation to cause another person a loss or expose another to a risk of loss – (they have done that to the council taxpayer who is now having to fund expensive renovations at other schools to cope with the shortfall in pupil places.

A representation is false if it is untrue or misleading and the person making it knows it might be untrue or misleading – they mislead the Secretary of State, a diversion of footpath public inquiry and the people of North Reddish on the true state of affairs and when I tried to bring this up at council meetings they gagged me by claiming what I was saying was “vexatious”.

This has been done over and over again by the LibDem Executive Councillors and some senior Stockport Council officers.