The council taxpayer has suffered a huge loss due to the deliberate actions of the LibDem Executive Councillors and some senior Council officers. I was saying all along the school was being built too small. “Don’t be vexatious”, they said – and they still do. We have paid over the odds for a school which never was fit for purpose. Why build it then? And these people want oversight of the hundreds of millions of pounds A6 to Airport Road. Heaven help us all!

One year after opening the circa £10 million Vale View School is not big enough. Unfortunate happenstance I hear you cry. Not a bit of it. A deliberate offence under the Fraud Act 2006.

They knew in 2006 that the school was being built too small. They said they would bring in temporary classrooms until the class numbers fell, but this FOI response shows that they knew that the figures were actually rising and not falling-

These documents can be more clearly viewed at:-