Dear Sheila

Re: Assault by Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council SSK security guards.

The case is that the Local authority keeps telling me to report the children to the police. How can I do this when I know of their suffering and what their needs are? The Council has put me in dispute with them over me requesting support under the laws of The Children’s Act 1989, the Adoption Act 1976, and the Adoption and Children’s Act 2002.

Wednesday 11:02:2009 14:00 hrs
Arrived Stopford House, no one in entrance lobby, entered freely for the purpose to gather evidence of CCTV signs, took a number of pictures from 4 different angles that are of and from the inside of the lobby only. I stood and waited and went no further than the centre of the lobby. Frank, the security guard, come in and started making suggestions (14:15 Approx) using threatening comments of what he would do and he got on his walkie talkie and called for Steve. There was a notice that had been put up that came from GMP about making false allegations and what can be done. During February there was also some small cards with on one side telling you what to do, and on the other side showing the word Liar, what is this now in the lobby of Stopford House, Frank pointed to this notice and cards and suggested to me I take one of the cards, which I did and give it to him he just threw it on the floor, Steve arrived and they both, Frank and Steve started and ganged up on me and were making comments to my sanity, I quoted “Things must be done within the law”, they both replied to this Steve first “You think your Perry Mason” Frank after Steve then said “More like Ironside”, (what I know of Ironside is he was in a wheelchair) I asked Frank does that mean you are going to break my legs, Frank said “I didn’t say that but that’s what it means”, third security guard arrives, and the three stood talking then the fourth and fifth security arrive, and all five start talking to me at the same time one guard keeps telling me not to look away from his eyes and keeps repeating why am I there, why am I there, when I try to reply the others keep interrupting and giving their answers, the guard who told me to look at his eyes was not standing for any of this and took me by my right elbow and wrist, someone tried to take my bag – this contains my life. I held this close to my body; another guard took my left elbow and shoulder and another guard was pushing in my back, I was commenting reasonable force to equal resistance we are not going to move anywhere unable to move my arms and activate my personal attack alarm I tried to stand firm. I felt at this time if they carried me out through the doors they were going to push me into the hand rail and throw me down the stairs what happened next was they forced me down to the ground, with being held by my right wrist my hand was pushed hard to the floor with the whole weight of that guard down on it which caused injury of lacerations and stiffening finger joints and tender wrist. It was then said leave it and call the police. Frank was wanting more and two female reception staff were trying to calm him down and take him away. He didn’t immediately take their advice; he wanted to get at me I had got up and then just stood there waiting for the police to arrive. I saw through the window to Edward street turning right to Piccadilly a fast response police car arrive.

The police came into Stopford House, spoke to security guards and myself and they asked if I would leave. At this time my hand was bleeding, and I was taking in what had happened. I commented to the officer I would leave, and in my mind was trying to think how to put to them what had happened. If I was taken outside, it would again be that I would be told to go on my way. This has happened before when I was previously injured, and also when my property taken or when my laptop was damaged. I understand that the officers have to do what they see is needed, and in me taking time to collect myself together it might have seemed that I was not moving. The officer told me has he had asked me to leave but it seemed I was not doing, so he informed me he would have to arrest me to prevent a further breach of the peace. This I acknowledged and was arrested and put in the police car and conveyed to Cheadle Heath Police Station. I was the one arrested on what the police had been told by security and what they could see, and the long standing issues. it is now about time that this matter is sorted out, so the police are no longer being used in the councils unlawful criminal actions.

The council again has acted disproportionately, and have stepped well beyond reasonable grounds. All I am doing is trying to be patient and wait (the council is sorting things out). I am doing this minding my own business in the glass entrance lobby of Stopford House. What is the lawful restriction imposed legally? I put it to you now there is none. The actions of the council are all unlawful towards myself,;the council is taking the law unto themselves and imposing their judgement and punishment as only they see fit, and with no regards to the law.

Gang intimidation – five sledgehammers to crack one nut. Well, this nut has now cracked and blood is spilt that is assault by beating, and it is now required to be reported to prevent further occurrence, or the event of a permanent injury or loss of my life, by others who are already acted unlawfully and are getting away with it.

Note:- this is made in relation to the following question, when myself is being asked to leave, this when I am asked to leave, I ask why, the answer I always get is you know why. I do not know why. It is only hearsay of a disturbance that could be caused. I have never caused a disturbance, it is the others trying oppress myself in uncovering their unlawfulness (whistleblowing on the council wrongdoings) – they have been causing the disturbances in trying to cover up that which I am uncovering. Being asked to leave politely or with a gentle hand of encouragement on one’s shoulder might be permitted by me (technically an assault), but 1 plus another 3 persons with force taking hold of my person is unreasonable excessive on anyone’s terms and is totally unacceptable.

Wednesday 11:02:2009 14:00 hrs -15:00 hrs Stopford House.
Assault occasioning actual bodily harm.
Offences against the Person Act 1861 (section 47)
Specified offences for the purpose of:-
section 224 Criminal Justice Act 2003.
This Assault is recorded on SMBC own CCTV

Stockport Council’s representatives acting in a gang caused me to apprehend the fear of unlawful violence and the fear of that with the force of actual bodily contact (assault by beating) has occurred resulting in a bodily injury to my person. There were 5 other persons involved that caused this assault, intentionally or recklessly, against myself, two of whom are known to me, one I have seen but don’t know, one that I have not seen before, one also not known that left had been involved in the fear of the act towards myself, the two security guards known to me are :-
Mr Steve Duggan, Mr Frank Craughwell,
the third guard I believe is their lead security officer,
the forth man came in a Solution SK van,
the fifth I don’t know and don’t know where he came from.
Part of Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council unlawfulness.

PART VI —– Family Law
6-3195a 1, considerations applying to exercise of powers
6-3195b 2, basic definitions
6-3195c 3, maintenance of Adoption Service
6-3195d 4, Assessments etc for Adoption Support Services
(1) A local authority must at the request of:-
(a) any persons mentioned in paragraphs (a) to (c) of section 3(1) or
(b) any other person who falls within a description prescribed by regulations (subject to subsection 7(a)) carry out an assessment of that persons needs for adoption support services.

I have requested Assessment of Adoption Support Services.