There seems to be an attitude running through councils.

In the above incident, they are spending lots of money but the work hadn’t even started to get the landfill gas under control. What was the key hold up between the parties? (No doubt this is encouraged by the lawyers).

Peel Holdings were to compensate residents for their additional costs – this had not been foreseen when fixing the £900 goodwill from Peel.

Cut through the legal arguments; this is in the hands of Peel Holdings and the Salford Council and should be capable of being resolved ASAP to show some semblance of goodwill and civic responsibility. Otherwise the professionals run up a bill which Peel and Salford Council will have to explain to their principals who include council taxpayers.

They should set a real/sincere deadline for completion of the remediation work.

They should produce an analysis of their spending up to now – to show costs not directly attributable to the project (e.g., legal fees).

They should get a similar cost figure from Peel Holdings.

They should make an honest estimate of the cost yet to come and agree to split this between the parties.

They should get moving – whatever differences may exist they shouldn’t prolong the agony, especially if the start is further delayed with further cost to council taxpayers.