Email sent 1/7/13 at 20.06

Dear FoI Officer

It would be financial and environmental fraud if, as appears to be the case, there is no sustainable drainage system at the toxic waste dump school as per the Environment Agency’s instructions. I have checked for petrol interceptors and I can’t find them. I may, of course, be wrong – I often am.

So, I shall in one week’s time write to the Chief Executive and every member of the Board of the Environment Agency asking them to check for me. There is an important aquifer under the school. It is a shame to have to waste their time like this, but I have been trying for years to get a reponse from highly paid panjandrums at SMBC without success. I assume if there is none, then having had this matter brought to their attention at a very high level, the C Exec and Board would have no option but to take action. Who knows?

So, unless I receive details of the sustainable drainage system at Vale View School by next Monday am, I shall write to the Board, as I have had to do with Sport England and the apparent £600,000 playing fields fraud.

Please make sure the FOI response, should I ever get one, is signed by the person refusing to disclose the information and not by someone junior who might end up carrying the can.

Kind regards


PS Obviously, if this hasn’t been properly done for the school, then it is unlikely to be properly done for the A6 to Airport Road. I shall put this email up on my blog for all to see.