Dear Democratic Services

Questions for the next meeting please:-

1) Why was NPS allocated important work on the SEMMMS roadscheme when it has been known for some time their accounts could only be signed off by the auditors with a guarantee (for only a year at a time) from the council taxpayers of Norfolk? I have known the parlous state of their company for quite some time – they are not a going concern and not able to make a profit from their core business. All this has been documented in great detail on my website. I have indeed brought to the Council’s attention the expensive and shoddy nature of their work at the toxic waste dump school in North Reddish (you know, the one where the brown asbestos has been left on site!). Sadly, the Council branded me “vexatious” for mentioning this. And who are the shady “interested parties include reputable and substantial parties with interest in SBC” now circling to get their hands on more of my money? Secrecy as usual!

2) What action was taken by SMBC, executive councillors or senior council officials when I sent them filmed evidence that brown asbestos was not being removed from the toxic waste dump school site in North Reddish? I have tweeted to Mumsnet about the contamination at the school and they kindly re-tweeted this to all their members. I now need to inform them of what action was taken by SMBC when this utterly appalling and dangerous-to-children situation was brought to their attention. Of course, I shall tweet any refusal to respond to Mumsnet too.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!

Kind regards