NPS Stockport is what is called an Arms Length Management Organisation – it used to be the building services/architects department of the council. The council taxpayers of Stockport own 20% of this company and some of the rest is owned by Norfolk County Council. NPS Stockport is unable to make a profit from its core business and for the past two years has had to be guaranteed by the council taxpayers of Norfolk in order to be signed off by their auditors as a going concern.

Stockport Council is now dispensing with the services of NPS Stockport and has signed a £100m deal with Carillion, whom I believe to be involved in the blacklisting scandal (I may be wrong).

My question is – Is the council taxpayers’ 20% stake in NPS Stockport not worth a carrot? Lord Goddard, Derbyshire, Khan et al who were involved in the setting up of this company were warned of the dangers. If I ever get any sort of explanation of what the current situation for the council taxpayer is, then I shall keep you updated. No doubt it will be considered “vexatious” to ask.