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Lord Goddard and yet another Master plan

Grand Central Posted on Thu, August 08, 2013 22:18

“3.2.16 The single largest scheme is the Grand Central Multi-Storey Car Park development. The scheme is being funded by £13.7m via finance leases. The funding arrangements are complex and following external advice, it was determined that some of the transactions are operational leases and accounted for as revenue expenditure. The provisional figure has therefore been reduced by £5.506m.

3.2.17 There is £3.699m in 2013/14 for the Leisure Strategy. Work on various Council facilities, including the Grand Central pool, has continued from 2012/13 into 2013/14 and the physical works at Brinnington (Lapwing Centre) are expected to take place during the year. This is a ten year strategy, schemes are being reviewed regularly and the programme will be amended to match spending profiles as they develop.”

Lord Goddard and yet another master plan

Dialstone Posted on Thu, August 08, 2013 22:15

“3.2.13 The re-provision of the Dialstone Facility is a major scheme within the Portfolio, with £4.298m of funding. The Centre is closed and redevelopment of the site is pending. A revised master plan for the Blackstone Fields redevelopment is being proposed by the developer. Subject to final approval of the planning application, it is expected this scheme will progress during 2013/14.”

The developers haven’t enough money and are asking me to fund it. I am a bit short of cash at the moment and I don’t want to.