North Reddish Primary and Junior Schools were described by a village green inspector as a perfect example of Edwardian schools.

The people of North Reddish loved these schools which were performing well. LibDem run Stockport Council, against the wishes of local people, said the schools were not fit for purpose and instead of renovating them as local people wanted, closed them down taking public open space illegally to build a prison-like ueberschool directly over a still gassing former toxic waste dump at the whopping cost of £10million plus. They tried to pretend the land wasn’t contaminated – Sager, Webb, Goddard, Schulz, Weldon, Derbyshire, Khan et al, but eventually had to admit it was.

They failed to have the brown asbestos removed properly from the site and when I gave them evidence of the failure to do this vital task properly, they branded me “vexatious” and they still do.

They took playing fields and failed to comply with the stipulations of Sport England and failed to drain the land as they should have done. For some inexplicable reason we were still paying “architects fees” amounting to thousands of pounds one year after the school opened.

Now North Reddish Primary and Junior Schools have been sold off in secret for below the price of an average semi. A Mr Murray Carr, Head of Property Services, told a local resident that a for sale sign had been put up in the last year – not true. They have been sold off for the purpose of creating a new private school! You really couldn’t make this up.

So, never vote LibDem. They are incapbale of telling the truth and dealing honestly with the very people who pay their fatcat allowances. They ignore serious safety concerns and are, in my experience, not fit people to hold public office.