The people who have allegedly bought North Reddish School are based here in Birmingham

It is alleged their names are:-
Amjad Hussain
Saleem Akhtar
Mohammed Rashid
Arshad Mahmood

and it is believed they paid £205,000 for it.

This is what Councillor Kate Butler said she was told by the new owner:-

“NORTH REDDISH SCHOOL UPDATE. I’ve just got off the phone to Mr Hussain, one of new owners of the school.

1. He fully appreciates the significance of the war memorial and – get this – his grandfather was decorated for his service to this country in the First World War.
2. He’s a businessman and wouldn’t be so daft as to damage such a stunning feature of the building.
3. It would be illegal anyway as the memorial is protected by law.

I hope this puts your minds at rest as far as the ware memorial is concerned.

As far as what the new owners intend to do with the school, there was never any intention of turning it into a mosque as, in Mr Hussain’s words “we’re businessmen and there’s no money in running a mosque”. They have identified a need in the general Stockport/Tameside area for a special needs school for children and they are currently looking for a partner who specialises in this kind of thing to turn their investment in the school into a viable business proposition.

Again, to quote Mr Hussain – “We fully intend to preserve the school and its beautiful original features”.

So, that’s the very latest info we have. I should add that we’re as disappointed as everyone else that the council hasn’t been more transparent about what’s happening. I guess to them it’s just a simple commercial transaction but it’s really frustrating for us when they don’t recognise how strong people’s feelings can be about such a significant local landmark.

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