Email sent to – 18 July 2010 08:54

Mr Andrew White

FoI Triage Team Leader

Dear Mr White

Please see the attached.

There is the very dangerous brown asbestos on the site. A team of specialist asbestos workers are now going to have to hand-sift the site to remove asbestos before they can carry further investigations to see how to proceed. We warned the Council about the nature of this site.

Stockport Council is refusing to disclose all information still. They refused to disclose to me that they had found brown asbestos! This is nothing more than a cover-up.

At no time have I been vexatious. What I have been is rightly concerned at their plans to endanger the lives of 550 primary school children and 50 babies and this has been proven. They tried to open the school on this site in September 2008 leaving all the brown asbestos, arsenic and lead in situ.

There is criminal negiligence here and I am beginning to wonder about kickbacks, so extensive has been the cover-up of what has been going on.

I am going to write to the Information Commission’s management board about this case. What has gone on is a complete scandal. I am not blaming the Information Commission for declaring me vexatious; you could only act on the information received, but I am going to take this to the very top to get answers about what has been going on in this, to my mind corrupt, council.

I would very much appreciate, if you think they should be answering questions, if you could tell them as soon as possible.

Kind regards