Majothi is the dangerous man who failed to solve Mr Parnell’s simple problem year in, year out.

Email sent – 27 August 2009 20:49

Dear Mr Majothi

Another irregularity – Mr John Hill demanded a map from me to a certain scale for my village green application. So, I took a day’s holiday from my work in a busy cancer department and went to a specialist map shop in Manchester to get it. “What on earth do you want this for?” asked the lady in the shop incredulously – “it will cost over £300” (she gave me a written estimate to use as evidence). “Stockport Council demanded it for my village green claim”, I replied. There ensued much speculation as to whether Stockport Council was corrupt. A chap from a developers who has exensive experience of planning who also happened to be in the shop said Stockport Council was well known for asking people to jump through more and more ridiculous and expensive hoops until eventually they gave up. I have seen something of this kind with regards to planning.

I was furious and went to the very nice Council cartographers who said they could provide a map to the Council but not to me for £5.

Why was a asked to provide this ridiculously expensive one sheet of paper map?

I look forward to hearing from you.


Mrs S J Oliver