Email sent 06 October 2013 07:25

Please may I have a response to this inquiry. You will be aware that Councillor Corris is chair of the scrutiny committee investigating the Junction 25 pollution/fire incident. If there has been any wrongdoing on her or the Council’s part, I need to inform McDonald’s lawyers of this further breach of acceptable conduct.

Kind regards



Email sent – 21 July 2012 18:01

Dear Councillor Derbyshire

I may be wrong – I often am – but it seems to me Councillor Corris (female) remained on the Board of Stockport Homes after she stopped being a councillor.

I would be very grateful if you could clarify matters.

There appears, and again I might be wrong, to be a £10 million anomaly in the pension fund at Stockport Homes, so we might as well get this matter straight before we move on to that one on my website.

With very warmest best wishes