“8 – Obvious concern over funding. DS to looking into other possible funding sources.”(Donna Sager)

“10 – Advice required on how much of this goes into the highlight report for May’s Project Board.”This document can be more easily read here – http://www.sheilaoliver.org/financial-irregularities.html

Email sent – 22 August 2009 18:48

Dear Mr Majothi

When I have finished sending this evidence I shall write an explanatory covering letter and send what I have sent you to the media, the Standards Board and the Audit Commission.

So, we see from the attached the “obvious concern over funding” expressed in March 2007 (when the cost was about £2.5 million cheaper than it is now) and “advice required on how much of this goes in the highlight report”


Mrs Sheila Oliver

Stockport’s Freedom of Information Campaigner

Why would Majothi lie and say it was “vexatious” of me to raise issues of lack of funding when he knew what I was saying was completely true? Defamation of character, and he needs to apologise and set the record straight.