Email sent to John Hill, Council Legal Officer – 29 September 2009 21:00

Dear Mr Hill

For the avoidance of doubt, I was told my Mr Schultz I could contact no council officer and that they had received that instruction from the Chief Executive was conveyed to me both by Mr Jim Seymour, the planning officer, and Ms Bardsley, contaminated land protection officer. This was doubly worrying because at the time I was trying to draw the Council’s attention to the fact that they had not informed the Environment Agency of the plans to build the school on the former toxic dump, which the Council had to publicly apologise for in the local press.

You yourself told me in writing that I was not to contact you as did Mr Lamb. I have evidence; I don’t think that fact can be denied.

I told you I was claiming a village green early in 2008. I was ignored. I tried to submit the village green but was told I could not hand it to any officer due to my alleged rude and offensive behaviour and had I left it at Reception as per my instructions, it might have gone missing (although I trust the Reception staff). I eventually handed it to a committee clerk at the full council meeting after the Mayor had refused to accept it. I’ll take it from you, Mrs Oliver, he said and I could see the form had been accepted by the Council in front of witnesses. You then contacted me and I informed the Freedom of Information Officer that you were contacting me but that I had been banned from contacting you. This went on for months with no response from anyone when I tried to inform them of my plight. This is, I believe, a clear case of maladministration. I was frightened to contact you, as I was fully aware what was happening to the Town Hall Protester and feared with good reason that to disobey Mr. Schulz might lead to incarceration in a police cell or a prison.

Mr Parnell is now held in a particularly rough Manchester prison probably till January. He has told me he will go on hunger strike if he is sent to prison and I heard that his solicitor was begging him to eat on Monday when he appeared in court. All he has allegedly done is sneeze, but this was not on the CCTV footage of the incident and this was not allowed to be shown in court.

So, if Mr. Parnell dies in prison, as is perfectly possible as he is in ill health anyway, I will be totally able to justify my concerns in not contacting you due to the draconian and Kafkaesque behaviour of this corrupt council. You will see from the forms I am to submit obtained in just over 2 weeks that I have massive local support and we have agreed to form ourselves into a limited company and take this issue to judicial review if necessary. I would love the facts about Schulz and Khan and their behaviour towards Mr. Parnell to come out at judicial review. It may well be, and I certainly hope so, that some people face custodial sentences as a result of what has gone on with Mr. Parnell. Certainly I shall be pushing for an inquiry if he dies. The Executive Councillors, I assume, have some sort of legal duty to monitor what is being done by senior council officers. It is my fervent hope that they will be banned from holding office or even serve a sentence themselves for this disgusting miscarriage of justice. I have gone to Jack Straw and Mr Parnell’s case is currently under investigation.

So, we need to agree the date of my village green application.


Mrs S J Oliver

Stockport’s Freedom of Information Campaigner

Free Mr Parnell, victim of a corrupt council.