Email sent to John Hill, the Council’s Legal Officer, 15 September 2009 19:58

Dear Mr Hill

Within the next week or so I shall be dropping in further evidence. Please don’t ‘lose’ it. I have copies anyway. There may be more evidence submitted right up to the cut off date. We are submitting evidence from enough streets in the area surrounding the land.

I need to point out:-

1) I dispute the date of my village green claim.

2) Unless you are able to prove that every village green applicant has been requested by you to provide a map which would have cost hundreds of pounds and to a scale which astonished the staff in the specialist map shop, then I want you or anyone selected by you to hear the case to have nothing further to do with this application, as if this is the case that I was selected for specially harsh treatment, then your impartiality and integrity are compromised and that would leave the council open to judicial review.

3) I requested from the outset that a different inspector be chosen. I assume Mr. Price Lewis doesn’t have to receive work from SMBC, so that should have been agreed to.

4) The policital ward of North Reddish was accepted for the last village green claim on adjacent land. I would be very annoyed if the village green were to be refused on these grounds this time.

5) I note you failed to inform the likely owners of the CPO ransom strip, yet Mrs Penkethman had to inform all houses either side of the footpaths she claimed. One rule for SMBC and another for us, I see. I assume you have now contacted DCSF to inform them of the presumed owners of the ransom strip. I shall be doing so anyway.


Mrs S J Oliver

Stockport’s Freedom of Information Campaigner

Free Mr Parnell, victim of a corrupt council.