Majothi deems it “vexatious” of me to my objecting to being publicly called a liar by Goddard, then Leader of the Council. They can’t call each other liars, so why was he allowed to call me a liar? He never provided any evidence that I have lied, despite several requests. Also, why was it “vexatious” of me to point out that a Data Protection offence had been committed by posting up my name, address and signature on the Council’s website? Dodgy, dodgy, dodgy!

Email sent – 23 August 2009 13:27

Dear Mr Majothi

The Council has not complied with the Acceptable Use Policy with regards to myself.

I have been called a liar, rude and offensive and generally spoken to in public meetings as if I were a piece of dirt. I believe some emails (if not all) were centrally monitored, yet the Council has stated that it does not centrally monitor emails. It is an offence to tell lies under the FOIA.

I have had my personal details and signature put up on the Council’s website for months. When the Council was informed of this fact it did nothing to remove those details and was in contravention of the Data Protection Act.

I shall be pursuing this matter with the Council’s insurers. If I am further declared vexatious on 1st September, when I have been trying time after time for well over 18 months to draw the Council’s attention to financial irregularities and the Council has been guilty of maladministration, then that makes my case even stronger. We will see what the Audit Commission has to say regarding what has gone on.

Please may I have your comments.


Mrs Sheila Oliver
Stockport’s Freedom of Information Campaigner