Email sent – 02 September 2009 06:50

Dear Mr Majothi

It was stated at last night’s Executive Committee how fair the proposed Vexatious with Knobs on policy was to be. In the light of that I wish to appeal, due to the fact that Khan, Weldon, Schulz, Webb, Scullion, Candler, Goddard and Sager failed to comply with the Council’s policy on fraud and financial irregularities for well over 18 months, putting me to considerable effort and leading me to be branded a liar, rude, offensive and vexatious, which is defamatory.

In the light of all the evidence I have sent you I expect and answer, which will be sent to the Standards Board and the Audit Commission. If I don’t get any repsonse within a reasonable time that will be pointed out too. We can’t wait a decade for a reply as has happened in the past.

I look forward to hearing from you

Mrs S J Oliver

Stockport’s Freedom of Information Campaigner