Email sent 27 January 2012 11:33

Ref. RCC0429756

Dear Mr Warburton

I am sorry if I have maligned you and will correct the statement if I have.

I have had no information regarding the toxic waste dump school for years, despite the site being toxic as I said, despite them suddenly having to borrow £5 million as I said, despite the police having complained about the dangerous traffic situation as I said, despite local people being denied access to the rear of their own properties as I said, despite the school not being finished in six months, as I said.

Perhaps you could clear up that misunderstanding for me. What information did you persuade them to disclose?

Kind regards


Tuesday, January 24, 2012 3:00 PM

Dear Ms Oliver

I refer to the recent emails you have exchanged with Rachael Cragg and the ICO.

To avoid any confusion, I would like to point out that the only case I dealt with for you was under reference FS50205853 where I was successful in persuading the council to disclose the requested information.

Yours sincerely

Michael Warburton, Senior Complaints Officer


Email sent by me 03 January 2012 20:41

Dear Mr Warburton

I write to you in the hope that you can help me clear this matter up. I have already taken this matter to the Information Commissioner and every member of the ICO Board and shall do so again with more up to date worrying developments.

Regarding the toxic waste dump school where you inexplicably said I was vexatious, even though I provided you with evidence that the site was contaminated with deadly brown asbestos, lead and arsenic and Stockport Council, who you found to be cleaner than clean, lied about this.

What has happened now is that despite the school only having been open since September 2011 – large numbers of parents have taken their children from the school due to bullying issues. I raised the matter of bullying in such a huge primary school – you declared me vexatious. The school ceiling collapsed – mercifully no child was hurt this time. The council is still refusing to disclose any details to me about this because you declared me vexatious. I mentioned the fact that the school was being thrown up – because of your branding of me as vexatious, Stockport Council was able to ignore this. |More danger to kids!

The police have expressed serious concerns to the Council about the traffic arrangements around the school – I raised these concerns at a time when something could have been done about it – you declared me vexatious. There is no doubt that children will die as a result of this school – either a slow and painful disablement followed by an early death from mesothelioma (I pointed out they were failing to remove the brown asbestos – you declared me vexatious, so that gave them carte blanche to carry on and not do the job properly). Children are likely to die in road accidents around the school. You will have a lot on your conscience. I have at all times tried my best. You have publicly defamed me when I provided rock solid evidence of wrongdoing. Even the fact that they lied about the contamination was enough to prove me to be not vexatious.

I hope we can now re-open this matter. If you fail to respond in a helpful manner, I shall have no option but to expose your inexplicable decision in fine detail on the Internet. You wrongly defamed me. I shall correctly simply identify the action you took, failed to take and the ridiculous length of time you took to come to such a dangerous decision.

There must be an option to re-examine cases when evidence of wrongdoing – in this case by Stockport Council – comes to light.

I hope in future you take your duties more seriously. Kids’ lives are precious you know.