Email sent – Thursday, September 22, 2011 3:51 PM

Attn Linda Harrison, Headmistress, Vale View School

As Built Health and Safety Files ABHSF for the Vale View Primary
School Stockport

Dear Linda

I acknowledge and thank you for the subject title. My first observation is the ABHSF appears to have been very well presented. However, there appear to be the following shortfalls with .. missing data for the following.

1.No Lightning Protection System (LPS) Data. Could you confirm if there was a LPS installed.

2.No Building Completion Certificate.

3.No Electrical system data or testing results of the same.

4.No Building Air Test results

5.No Plumbing or Drainage System Data.

6.No Fire Certifcate.

7.No sprinkler system data.

8.No quality or environmental audit data.

9.No Asset Management Plans data.

10.No design change order log.

I am surprised that the ABHSF are available only in hard copy which has the following drawbacks.

A. Not Environmental friendly

B. VERY time consuming and expensive to reproduce for the school staff.

C.Takes up valuable storage space

D. Voluminous amounts of paper records are or could be a fire hazard.

I am also VERY surprised the SMBC appear to have offloaded their client remit onto the Headteacher and her staff.I woul have envisaged that Teachers have enough on their plates with teaching and adminstration duties without oversight supervision for the new building!

I can’t help thinking that neither you or your staff are qualfied to an acceptable level to oversee the design, build and operation of this school.

I would be most grateful if you would forward items 1to 10 or point me in the right direction where I might obtain such documents.

With thanks

Alan M Dransfield