06 June 2010 15.12

Dear Mr Khan

Thank you for your letter of 2nd June 2010 regarding Mr. Roberts’s register of interests and may I say what a refreshing change it makes for a highly paid council officer at Stockport to respond to requests from council taxpayers. I am very glad, and Mr. Eric Pickles will be glad, that you appear to have turned over a new leaf.

I drew this matter to the Council’s attention in March 2010. It would have seemed reasonable to have put Mr. Roberts’ register of members interests up on the Internet. Not everyone can get to the town hall to view the actual documents, so to put it up on the Internet would see a perfectly reasonable solution.

Regarding the other two responses you sent me, I have taken them up with the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government but I would appreciate a copy of the document regarding Mr. Parnell which you say was put on public display in the town hall. It appears to me that this has injured the resputation of an honest and innocent man. We have to look into whether this was a malicious prosecution by the Council – a tawdry affair which has probably cost the taxpyayer hundreds of thousands of pounds. May I remind you Mr. Parnell was acquitted. I sat in court and saw the appalling video evidence of the actions of the Council’s security guards, swearing, threatening to kick his head in, threatening to kill him. It would not look good for this Council if it were to get into the public domain. And, having been told by the judge to sort out his problems, he is again arrested instead for asking, apparently, for a council agenda meeting document. Still, I am sure Mr. Pickles will get to the bottom of it. I have copied it to the Editor of the Daily Telegraph, who doesn’t appear to like the LibDems much.

With very warmest best wishes