Email sent – 04 August 2011 16:56

Dear Council Solicitor

I shall cc this to the Council’s underwriters.

I am led to believe that the Council Tax Leaflet issued by Stockport does not seem to comply with the required legal content. It has replaced the accurate statement of the obligations of discount recipients arising under Regulation 16 with a different and legally inaccurate assertion.

Could I have your comments please.

Also, I have not had any reply that I can find from Dave Westhead about why they did not enforce the planning condition to board off the toxic waste dump school site, which might have prevented at least some cases of mesothelioma in the surrounding houses. Also, were changes made to the shoddy, tin roof requested at planning? God knows why this cost us so much in architect’s fees – I suspect corruption – I really do. Senior council officers at Stockport should do their jobs properly. This alone could cost your insurers millions in defending actions for damages.

What a badly run ship you, Boylan and Goddard preside over!

Mrs Oliver