Email sent to the Standards Board for England – 23 January 2012 10:45

Dear Sir or Madam

I wish to make a formal complaint regarding all the Executive Councillors at Stockport Council and former Executive Councillor David White.

The complaint is twofold:-

1) the appalling treatment of a completely innocent man. I told and told the Executive Councillors what was going on, Mr Parnell told them too. He attended every council meeting he could and has all the agenda documents to prove his attendance. He stood outside the town hall for two years. They knew exactly what was going on. This is a brief outline of what has gone on, but I have about another four years of daily abuse of him yet to document:-

I have video clips of him being beaten, sworn at and illegal action being taken against him. Once you send me the email details of the person dealing with his case, I shall forward those on to you

2) for raising the issue of the inhumane treatment of this gentle council taxpayer, I have been publicly branded by these councillors at many public meetings, on the Internet and to the Information Commission as a vexatious waster of public funds.

I know the Standards Board will cease to take any new cases after the end of January, but it is vital that you look into this one, so that the ongoing abuse at Stockport can be stopped.

I shall cc this to the local paper as evidence that this request was made before the deadline of the end of January after which no new cases can be brought.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards