25 September 2008 18:13

Dear Ms Chase

I shall cc this to the local press for their information.

As you may know the Environment Agency is only concerned with contamination of groundwater and not children. I shall, however, contact the great lads at the EA and find out what is going on.

Local people tell me that the contamination is being removed off site on lorries which return within a very short space of time – maybe 15 minutes. I would like to know under the EIR 2004 where these contaminents are being dumped. If it is Adswood Tip, is that a licenced contamination facility? If you can’t answer these questions, please pass this email on to someone who can.

Finally, if you find this email in any way offensive, please pass a copy to Barry Khan, Council Solicitor, who is keeping a secret dossier on me.

With warmest best wishes