Email sent – 14 September 2008 10:00

Dear Mr Lamb

Hope you are keeping well.

I know I am breaking the terms of my restraining order in contacting you, but as I pointed out to the Guardian last week (they are putting a little something from me into a book), planning issues have to be open, and SMBC can’t actually make me go through the FOI Officer with the resulting delays.

I would like to know whose responsibility is it to check that Aquinas College has actually purchased the land they need from the Sunday School, which Sport England has insisted is needed for replacement sports facilities? Local people have approached me because they want to make sure this has happened before the building starts. Otherwise, we might have another planning embarrassment in Stockport with the new college having to be demolished. The last time local people asked the land had not yet been purchased.

I have asked to see the college documents under the FOI (I can legally see the documents put before the governors), but there seems to be a slight delay and building work is progressing.

I have taken in two foster dogs (dead ringers for Hinge and Bracket, if you know who they are, spinsters – no interest in men) and, I am sure you will be delighted to learn that time which should be spent council-fighting is now spent walking them and on my knees cleaning the beige carpets.

Kind regards