04 April 2013 23.18

Dear all.

Hello how are you, I wish you all are well, firstly let me introduce myself my name is Michael I am married to my dear wife Karen and we have two lovely adopted daughters, you will see from the subject title Stockport Town Hall has a Peaceful protester and yes that is me who is now, if you would like, telling yourselves why I am stating I am a peaceful protester, I was not in the first instance having cause to protest but there was a need to call on a request for services, that was not for myself but for our troubled adopted children on their calls for help, I am of a kind and peaceful nature and always willing to help, I was a cub, boy scout and while being a venture scout volunteered to help less able persons through the duke of Edinburgh award scheme to assist their needs of help to do things which they could not normally do, it might look that I praise that which I am proud of and why shouldn’t I, doing it has rewarded me to be able to help others, I am proud of everything I have done, but when it was that I couldn’t find a way to help those who had suffered a terrible trauma I asked for help for someone to help me to help those in need, when that help is conditional at a cost and not as unconditional as given by myself, where are we now with me rambling on, well when services are not forthcoming if we are not happy I was told to make a complaint, which I was reluctant to do yet to help others this had to be done it is not for my own selfish gains but for children I submitted the complaint, I won’t trouble you with the rights and wrongs of a complaints system but help for children when they are children that the time taken to respond and then process the complaint the children then were no longer children but more surely troubled adults. Responding to these needs how can the requests progress, well I was told to be patient and wait, that is what I did outside the stockport town hall neatly dressed with polite manners and holding a A4 size piece of paper that i had wrote on it HELLO HOW ARE YOU and I was there firstly each day for over 12 months, peacefully well again what is peaceful protest well nobody unless they asked, knew what my protest was about apart from Stockport Council who have cause to hide their failings, how did they do this? Peaceful protest!! they falsely made allegations accompanied with assaults discrimination intimidation victimisation and with other related unacceptable treatment, where did this leave me, assault injury caused Barretts cell and for a unlucky few, 2 percent risk, develops into cancer, that is now something I have to stand up too, and requires removal by high risk surgery, and when in preparation to get my affairs in order, some loose ends had to be tied up the council knowing my illness and in their cause tried to divert the true course of justice by alleging my arrest for a section 4A public order offence, by my putting in writing as requested from the police what threats had been made towards myself and that was that “Mr Stephen Duggan Council security guard has said he would smash my head in or kill me”, today 5th April 2013 I should have gone into hospital for op tomorrow but surgeon not available postponed to next week, the above arrest trial discontinued but today was revived and as I was not going into hospital was requested to attend court which I did to be acquitted in less then 10 minutes in and out of the courtroom, a stress lifted something not needed when facing high risk surgery,

I have to rest from this for a while, i will if you would like to know more carry on with what has happened further.

Keep well and all look after yourselves